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What to Say at a Funeral

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It’s only natural to be unsure about what to say at a funeral. Because losing someone close can be very traumatic, comforting a bereaved person is far from easy. It is completely normal to be at a loss for words in such moments.

Talking at Funeral

You can’t avoid being overwhelmed by the grief and sadness that come with funerals. Dealing with those emotions is part of why funerals are so important. However, you can think through what you are going to say beforehand, so your feelings don’t get the best of you.

Words of comfort to say at a funeral

If you don’t know what to say at a funeral, put yourself in the shoes of the grieving person. They are not looking for instant comfort, nor for advice on how to get on with their lives. All they want to know is that they can rely on their friends and family for support.

The best way to be caring and supportive is by keeping the actual message short and simple. However, you need to ensure that your intonation is heartfelt and sincere. Non-verbal communication is just as important. Maintain eye contact with the bereaved person at all times and — if you’re reasonably close with them — end your message with a short hug.

These are some appropriate words of comfort and support that you can say at a funeral service:

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What to text someone after a funeral

After the end of the service, you might want to send a message to the bereaved person to show further support. It can be difficult to know what to text someone after a funeral, but these words will make things easier:

Help with funeral arrangements

One way to support a grieving person is by offering your help with paperwork and funeral arrangements. Learning how to plan a funeral can be extremely exhausting for anyone suffering from bereavement – particularly in the first stages of grief. Your close friend or family member will be eternally grateful if you take some weight off their shoulders.

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