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What to Do with Your Loved One’s Ashes After Cremation  

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After a cremation service, family members receive their loved one’s ashes. At this point, it is often decided what will happen to the ashes. Sometimes, the departed will have had specific wishes about where they want to be laid to rest.  

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However, if the deceased has not made this decision, family members can choose what to do with a loved one’s ashes.  

But what are the options? 

What to do with ashes after cremation? 

There are several options – some traditional, others more unique. So, getting the family together to decide is a good way for everyone to be involved.  

Traditional options  

Bury ashes after cremation  

If some of your lost family members are buried in a cemetery, there is an option to place the ashes in this plot. Burying ashes is also known as the interment of ashes, which takes place in a small gathering after the funeral service. You will need permission to do this, as the ashes are buried within the existing plot. Ashes can also be buried in other areas, such as gardens or woodland areas.  

Scatter ashes after cremation  

Scattering a loved ones’ ashes is another common way to say farewell to the deceased. In the UK, there is no specific law stating where you can or can’t scatter ashes. However, if you choose a public or private space, you’ll need permission from the landowner first.  

Keep ashes after cremation  

When deciding what to do with ashes after cremation, another option is to keep them. Purchasing an urn and keeping it at home can help loved ones to feel close to a lost one. Ashes can also be split among family members, so each person has the deceased nearby.  

Unique options  

If you’re interested in ways to make a funeral unique, there are numerous special ways to say farewell to a loved one following a cremation. Some ideas include: 

Turn ashes into jewellery 

Memorial jewellery is a beautiful way to keep a lost loved one close by. Several companies provide options to turn ashes into pendants, bracelets and rings. Plus, as only a small amount is required, this could be a lovely option for several family members.  

Take the ashes on your travels 

Did the deceased have a favourite holiday spot? Or perhaps they loved sailing or being close to the sea? To give them a tremendous last send-off, scattering their ashes over the water or in their beloved destination is a memorable way to say farewell.  

Plant ashes as a tree 

Woodland burials and green funerals are becoming more commonplace as people look towards reducing their environmental impact even after death. So, the option of planting a tree with your loved one’s ashes is a beautiful way to keep their spirit alive. You also have a particular spot to return to as it grows.  

Get a tattoo with ashes  

Tattoos are a permanent and beautiful way to remember a loved one. However, some studios now offer the option of using ashes within the ink to make this even more special.  

Keep ashes in a cuddly toy 

Aside from the traditional urn, ashes can be stored in many ways, including cuddly toys. These specially designed toys have a concealed area at the back to place the ashes to keep them safe.  

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Helping you say farewell to a loved one 

Whatever option you decide on for your loved one’s ashes, our compassionate funeral directors in Bristol are here to guide you through the options. 

If you have any further questions about our services, contact our caring and experienced team, who are ready to advise you. 

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