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How Can I Make a Funeral Unique?

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If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one, it may be just as important to celebrate them as it is to remember them. One of the best ways to do so is by making their funeral unique to them.

From themes and colours to mementos and transportation, here are six ways that you can make your loved one’s funeral as quirky and individual as you’d like it to be.

6 ways to make a funeral unique

1. Theme the funeral

There are so many ways to theme a funeral, which makes this our top tip for staging a uniquely celebrative memorial.

Perhaps your loved one was a superfan of a band, or maybe they were known for a particular hobby. No matter what their passion was, you can theme a funeral in a way that they’d love.

2. Use colour

Black clothing may be the colour of choice for funerals, but it doesn’t have to be. You could set a colourful dress code, or just put a ‘no black’ policy in place.

Asking guests to wear specific colours can be a great way to celebrate the departed’s passion for a particular sports team.

You could even theme the flowers, coffin and even hearse to accommodate the colour scheme, too. If you want to really lean into colour, you could always organise a firework display to close out the ceremony.

3. Use music and video

If the deceased was a particular fan of film, music, or both, make their funeral more dynamic by integrating this passion into the service. Book a live band to cover a song they loved, or use video and audio clips at points throughout the ceremony.

4. Offer guests mementos

Providing guests with keepsakes that are personalised to the departed’s passions can be a fantastic way of celebrating them.

Trinkets like pins or charms are great, or mementos like t-shirts or hats could be a higher budget option. You could also offer guests packets of seeds, asking them to plant them in the deceased’s memory.

5. Personalise transport

See if the funeral directors you work with are able to offer more creative transport options. Choose a colourful option, a hearse with a quirkier design, or find out if you could make use of a more distinctive vehicle like a horse and carriage or campervan.

6. Personalise the coffin, casket or memorial stone

Customise the coffin, casket or memorial stone in keeping with the theme or colour scheme you’ve chosen for the service. Alternatively, encourage guests to bring written memories, drawings and farewell messages to attach to the coffin.

Depending on the situation, you could even provide guests with paint and coloured markers to draw directly on its surface. This would be a unique way to celebrate the deceased’s passion for arts and crafts.

Discover how we can personalise your loved one’s funeral

As experienced Bristol funeral directors, we appreciate the importance of celebrating your loved one in all their uniqueness. Contact us today to find out how we can stage a professional, compassionate funeral service for the deceased.

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