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What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?  

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Arranging a funeral is an upsetting period for family and friends. However, choosing a prepaid funeral plan can relieve the financial worry at this already distressing time.  

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So, what is a prepaid funeral plan? In this post, our specialist team of Bristol funeral directors will explain what’s included, what the benefits are, and how to set up your plan. 

What is a prepaid funeral plan, and is it right for me? 

A prepaid funeral plan is a package that enables you to pay for and plan your funeral arrangements in advance. This option allows individuals to protect family members from rising funeral costs. It also shares your wishes and decisions regarding the arrangements with your loved ones.  

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What’s included in a prepaid funeral plan? 

There are several options to choose from, depending on the selected prepaid funeral plan package. At Jamieson, our funeral plan providers, Golden Charter, provide a wide range of tailored plans to suit your needs.  

For example, our Complete Funeral package includes: 

How do I set up a prepaid funeral plan? 

Setting up and paying for a prepaid funeral plan is simple. Costs are fixed at the time of purchase. This helps to avoid unpredictable increases in funeral costs.  

Payment can be made in full or via flexible instalments.  

The choice of packages also gives you the freedom to select individual details about your funeral and service requirements. Packages start from £1,550 and can be tailored to your needs.  

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a prepaid funeral plan, our supportive team are available on our 24-hour phone line to provide help and advice. 

What are the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan? 

Choosing a prepaid funeral plan for yourself or a loved one has several benefits. Firstly, many decisions about the arrangements and service are already considered, which takes the pressure off family and friends.  

This type of plan covers aspects such as transport, organising the service and, ultimately, choosing a funeral director.  

Secondly, the cost of a funeral can fluctuate over time. Choosing a prepaid plan fixes the price on the day of purchase – giving you peace of mind that your family won’t have unexpected costs during this upsetting time.  

Who can buy a prepaid funeral plan? 

Prepaid funeral plans are available for anyone over the age of 18. Packages allow you to plan the arrangements and pay for them in advance.  

Funeral packages can be purchased without health or medical checks. However, individuals paying by instalments must be between 50 and 78 years old when applying.  

What happens to the plan and arrangements when I die? 

When you take out a prepaid funeral plan, it’s advisable to speak with your friends and family.  

When the time comes to make arrangements, they can call the number in your documents pack to start the process. The funeral director will take care of all the details and keep your loved ones updated.  

Can I take a prepaid funeral plan out for someone else? 

Yes. Prepaid funeral plans can be purchased for someone else. When completing the documents, you will need to fill in a section to identify yourself as the plan holder’s representative. This ensures paperwork is sent to the right person.  

A prepaid funeral plan in your own name can also be transferred to another person as long as it is paid in full.  

To find out more about arranging funeral plans in Bristol, contact us on 0117 956 4796 or email us at  

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