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How Much Does a Cremation Cost?  

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Cremations are a common option for a loved one’s funeral. They are less expensive than burials, and you can choose the type of cremation you prefer depending on the deceased’s wishes and budget.

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Cremations, like other funerals, vary in cost depending on what you include in the service. Research carried out by Funeral Guide highlighted that the average cost of a cremation in 2023 so far is £934. However, this cost does not include funeral director’s fees or interment costs. Alternatively, when you include a complete funeral package, Legal & General figures come out at an average of £3,940.

The breakdown of how much a cremation costs

The cost of a cremation depends on a variety of factors, including what type of cremation your family requests. There are two distinct cremation options, which include:

Direct cremation

A direct cremation is a service provide offered by funeral directors. It is a simple service which does not include a memorial held at the crematorium. In this package, there is no option to add extras, and you cannot choose the time or day of the cremation. Once the cremation is complete, the ashes are released to you, and your family and friends can arrange a ceremony in any way you wish.

This cremation is cheaper than traditional services. For example, our Bristol direct cremation costs £1,500. This includes:

Complete cremation service

A common choice for a funeral service is a complete cremation package. This is a traditional style of cremation service that includes a memorial carried out at the crematorium. Again, this option is cheaper than a burial and provides a way for family and friends to come together to remember a loved one.

The costs for a complete cremation are more than a direct option, as you get a range of tailored options and can add extras if you wish. For example, our Bristol complete cremation package starts from £3,250 and includes the following:

How much does a cremation cost – different aspects that make up the price

While most funeral directors provide a package price for a cremation, there are several factors that make up this cost to consider. These include:


The location of a funeral contributes to how much it costs. For example, research shows that cremations in places such as London and the South East cost more compared to Wales and the Midlands.

Extra services

When choosing a complete funeral package, you also have the option to add additional services to the service arrangements. These are separate charges and add extra cost to the service. However, you can choose from elements such as:

Planning for the cost of a cremation

Funerals can be a significant cost depending on the type of service you choose. Every family has different requirements, and the deceased may also have prior input into their wishes. It is possible to arrange an affordable cremation, and our funeral directors in Bristol are on hand to help with a number of suitable options. No matter your budget, you can say your goodbyes without compromising on respect and care for your loved one.

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