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5 Books to Support Your Child Through Grief

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Grief is a profound and complex experience, especially for children. Books can be a gentle and effective way to help these young minds understand and cope with the loss of a loved one. Here are five essential books that can support your child through their journey of grief:

1. “The Invisible String” by Patrice Karst

This book helps young kids aged 3-6 understand separation and loss in a simple way. It tells a story about an ‘invisible string’ connecting us to those we love, no matter the distance.

It’s a comforting idea for children dealing with loss, showing them that love keeps us connected even when we can’t see someone.

2. “The Paper Dolls” by Julia Donaldson

This book, great for 3-5-year-olds, is about a girl and her paper dolls having adventures together. But eventually, the dolls get torn. The story shows how memories last even when things are gone.

It teaches kids that memories of joy stay forever, even if physical things don’t. Written by the author of ‘The Gruffalo’, it’s very effective at helping children understand loss.

3. “Lost in the Clouds: A Gentle Story to Help Children Understand Death and Grief” by Tom Tinn-Disbury

This book tells a story about a young boy dealing with the loss of his mother. For ages 3 and up, it explores the various emotions children may feel when grieving, such as sadness, anger and confusion.

Offering an honest and gentle approach to explaining death and grief, it includes a non-fiction page that encourages conversation with your child through gentle questions. This makes it an invaluable resource for helping children understand and process their emotions.

4. “I Miss You: A First Look at Death” by Pat Thomas

This book is designed to help children ages 5-7 understand what death means and to deal with the feelings of loss and grief. It explains in simple terms why people die, addressing both the emotional and practical aspects of loss.

With a straightforward, factual approach, it can be particularly helpful for children who need clear explanations and a sense of understanding to help them through their grief. Special notes are also included at the back for parents and teachers, offering useful tips on how to use this book effectively.

5. “You Will Be Okay” by Julia Stokes

This book is a comforting resource for older children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. It offers reassurance and hope, focusing on the message that it’s okay to feel sad, but also that healing and happiness are possible in time.

The author is a clinical psychologist and founder of child bereavement charity, with years of experience of children going through grief. Targeted at ages 9-12, this book shares stories of bereaved people in order for children to relate and feel less alone in their grief.

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